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Institut Polytechnique de Paris
IP Paris is a leader in the professional training of engineers in France, and it is also a top research university in the world, holding a leading position in research of environment and climate, energy transition, artificial intelligence and data science
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Ecole Polytechnique
Ecole Polytechnique, founded in 1794, is an engineering school and a public teaching and scientific research school affiliated to the French Ministry of Defense. It is considered to be the top engineering school in France, ranking first among all kinds of French schools for many years, and is known as the pinnacle of the French elite education model. It has 23 laboratories and 8 interdisciplinary research areas addressing social science and technology challenges: bioengineering, biology and health; concepts and methods of digital society; energy, transportation and environment; modeling and optimization of complex systems; materials and light under extreme conditions; relationship between market, innovation, science and society; nanoscience, innovative materials and efficient processes; and universal structures and laws.
ENSTA Paris, founded in 1741, is the oldest engineering school in France and a founding member of the French School Federation. It enjoys a great academic reputation in the field of science and engineering in France. It owns six research institutes engaged in research areas of applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, computer science and systems engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, applied optics and applied economics.
School website : http://www.ensta-paris.fr/
Télécom Paris
Télécom Paris, founded in 1878, is the first school in France engaged in advanced education and research in information science and technology. It has a long history and continues to maintain a high level of teaching quality. It is a well-known electronic communication technology school in France and even Europe today. It has four main research departments: Communication and Electronics, Information and Networks, Economics and Social Sciences, and Signal and Image Processing.
Université PSL (Paris Sciences & Lettres)
Université PSL, founded in 2010, is a comprehensive university that combines several universities and research institutes in Paris with the approval of the French Ministry of Education. It aims to provide solutions to economic challenges, environmental is
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Mines Paris
Mines Paris, one of the most famous engineering schools in France, was founded by the decree of King Louis XVI in 1783 for the purpose of cultivating “leaders of mining talents”. However, with the passage of time, the advancement of technology and the transformation of society, its original intention of cultivating mining engineers has gradually evolved, and it has become a multidisciplinary school that cultivates “general” engineers. It has set up majors in mathematics and applied mathematics, information science, automation, machinery, energy, materials, environmental and earth sciences, and social and economic sciences. It has 18 research centers, more than 280 teaching and research staff, and more than 1,200 students.